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Unique vintage fashion that you can only find at Unikat.
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The Unikat Vintage Team introduces itself

Hello dear ones <3

A few words about us (Nana & Orel): We grew up in the alternative spaces in Tübingen and thus learned early on what a positive and sensitive approach to people, our environment and nature means. Our furniture was from the bulky waste and the highlight of the week was the flea market, where we learned to love rummaging for the very special treasures at a very early age. Back then, our dad was a flying trader at various markets and festivals and his passion for the hustle and bustle of trading rubbed off on us quite a bit.

Since we opened our first shop in the old town of Tübingen together with our dad in 2015, we have been trying to combine all of this. The goal of our family is to build a much-needed alternative to the fast fashion industry. The consequences of the climate crisis and the impact on the environment have been felt globally for a long time. The fashion industry is one of the biggest sinners. The pollution from newly produced clothing has devastating consequences for our planet and therefore we need to make a change.

It is close to our hearts to initiate a social rethink, to do something ourselves and to offer as many people as possible an alternative. We don't want to exclude anyone from this vision! We deliberately refrain from sorting the clothes according to gender categories. There are so many unspeakably beautiful clothes from past times that should not be forgotten under any circumstances. Who needs new production? Together with you, we will breathe new life into the most beautiful pieces!

Welcome to the Unikat Vintage Family, we look forward to seeing you!

Name: Nana
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
♡ Vintage piece: suede coat with snake print
♡ Colour: black
♡ Fruit or vegetables: avocados + lemons
♡  Number: 7
♡  Season: Autumn

Name: Orel
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
♡ Vintage piece: Prada vest
♡ Colour: All Coulors Are Beautiful
♡ Fruit or vegetable: Mango
♡ Number: 3
♡ Season: Summer

Name: Hannah
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
♡ Vintage piece: colourful fleece zipper, velvet rib flared trousers
♡ Colour: Turquoise Favourite fruit or vegetable: Strawberries
♡ Number: 11
♡ Season: Late summer

Name: Linda
Zodiac sign: Libra, but definitely ascendant Sagittarius!
♡ Vintage piece: jackets
♡ Colour: Pink
♡ Fruit: mango and papaya
♡ Vegetables: Garlic
♡ Number: 1
♡ Season: Between spring and summer

Name: Zoë
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Capricorn, Gemini)
♡ Colour: Purple
♡ Fruit or vegetable: broccoli
♡ Number: 3062
Season: Spring/Summer

Name: Tobi
Star sign: Virgo
♡ Vintage piece: colourful print shirts
♡ Colour: Green
♡ Fruit or vegetable: (pomegranate) apple
♡ Number: 8
♡ Season: Spring

Name: Clara
Zodiac sign: Libra
♡ Vintage piece: slipover
♡ Colour: Blue
♡ Fruit: Strawberries
♡ Season: Spring & Summer   

Name: Cara
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
♡ Vintage piece: Green 70s jumpsuit
♡ Colour: Light yellow
♡ Fruit: Strawberries
♡ Number: 777
♡ Season: Summer   

Name: Friedi
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
♡ Vintage piece: I like all my garments very special
♡ Colour: Sky blue
♡ Fruit or vegetable: Mango
♡ Number: 18
♡ Season: Summer

Name: Magnus-Remy
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
♡ Vintage piece: Band T-Shirt
♡ Colour: Black, Red
♡ Fruit or vegetable: strawberries
♡ Number: 7
♡ Season: Autumn/transitional seasons

Name: Nica
Zodiac sign: Leo
♡ Vintage piece: my light green ultra high-waisted retro shorts (with creases!) or my green denim jacket.
♡ Colour: I don't think I have to answer that any more.
♡ Fruit or vegetable: the tomatoes from my dad's garden
♡ Number: 6
♡ Season: Summer

Name: Jule Josefine
Zodiac sign: Pisces
♡ Vintage garment piece: corduroy shirt
♡ Fruit or vegetable: broccoli
♡ Number: 12
♡ Season: Spring